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The Parade of Specialists Swings Around Again

In February, I met with my endocrinologist, and on Tuesday I met with my urologist. These were both follow up visits to see how I’m faring following the hyperparathyroidism and onslaught of kidney stones.

Because it has been a year and a half since my parathyroidectomy and coincidental thyroid lobectomy, and because all of my tests came back normal, my endocrinologist gave me the thumbs up to start spacing out my appointments by a year instead of six months. She expects no further complications from the hyperparathyroidism or surgery—yay!

My urologist, who I still dislike a great deal, said that my left kidney is looking just fine, which means no new kidney stones! (Something I assumed would be true now that my body isn’t producing all that extra calcium.) My right kidney is of course still full of stones, as no treatments have been done regarding that kidney yet. He said that there is some “calcification in the meat,” probably a kidney stone that hasn’t made its way into the hollow of the kidney yet. It’s 7mm, which is a decent size.

But because I’m still not experiencing any discomfort, he was okay with just keeping an eye on things rather than taking an offensive approach. We scheduled my next appointment six months out, so long as I don’t experience any pain between now and then. I think I’ll take that time to find a new urologist—one who doesn’t have the personality of an angry piece of sheetrock.

I had an appointment with another specialist this week for unrelated health issues, but hopefully that will be less life-encompassing than the hyperparathyroidism turned out to be.

Onward and upward, or some such.

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DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this blog is for me to share my experience with my health problems, as I found comfort in the experience of others when I first started to research what I was going through. No post or information offered on this blog is meant to take the place of proper medical advice. If you have questions about your health and what measures to take, I suggest arming yourself with knowledge. That means researching the matter thoroughly so as to be better able to discuss it with your doctor and understand what is happening and how to proceed.


This blog covers my experience with Hyperparathyroidism and, subsequently, Kidney Stones from the struggle with being properly diagnosed, diagnosis, and then several surgeries and follow-ups. If you’re looking for specific information, I suggest starting with My Story / Timeline, which explains the experience starting in 2007 and highlights related blog posts. I’ll update this page as new information becomes available.

You should also check out the Resources page for websites I found helpful during the process, and grain-free dieting which helped me during my recovery process.

If you have any additional questions or feel like chatting, just comment! I’m happy to answer as I can.


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Two good things, health-wise:

1. As of yesterday, my left kidney is completely stone-free. Once the stent is removed next week, I should also be pain-free.

2. I had new labs done last week, and my thyroid function is finally picking up. My TSH levels have dropped from 5.52 to 2.92. Still not back to where they were before the lobectomy in September, but the fact that my levels are lowering is a really good sign.

I will have to take care of my right kidney at some point, but because it’s not causing any discomfort right now, I can wait. And hopefully once recovery from this surgery is over, my brain will start working again and me and my thesis can start bonding again. Yay!

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